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Carnival can come (Hum 2428)


All kids love to dress up.
e little ones find it wonderful
to look completely
dierent and to slip into dierent
roles. And not just for Carnival or
Halloween. As soon as they are
able to walk, they slip into mum's
shoes that are much too big or
into dad's fine jacket. e kids
have a lot of fun at the colorful
goings-on, when it cannot be
imaginative enough for children.
Our Hummel child has dressed
up to match its toy clown. Or is it
the other way round and it has
chosen the toy to match? We
don't know, but they are certainly
looking forward to the rush.
Which parents do not remember
the children’s enthusiasm for
dressing up and how cute they
looked in their costume. Much
like our Hummel novelty that is
about to hit the town...
But before that mom will give
her a gentle hug and straighten
her bow tie.

Height: 4.75"


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