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  • Our Welcome

    Hummel Manufaktur GmbH / Rödental is eager and excited to welcome you on We set up a team of experts to deliver the best possible shopping experience in customer service, customer inquiry, order entry, inventory, returns and shipping. We are passionate Hummel specialists. We are the owner and manufacturer of the figurines. The total years of experience our staff has with the Hummel Brand and the legacy of Sister Maria lnnocentia Hummel is more than 70 years.

  • Our Mission

    The Mission of Hummel Gifts is to continue serving the North American market with a dependable authorized online store for the M.I. Hummel Brand.  When we make you a promise we will not rest until our obligation to you is satisfied.

  • Our Promise

    Hummel Gifts is committed to offer authentic M.I. Hummel products. All offerings will be authorized M.l. Hummel creations, whether traditional classics, or never before released themes, each Hummel treasure will be crafted to honor the legacy of Sister Hummel and the admiration of the Convent of Siessen. It is our commitment to offer you the very best quality products and guarantee honest and reliable service.

  • Our Invitation

    We invite you to visit often for a full range of genuine M.l. Hummel products including jewelry, figurines and giftware.