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About Us is the retail division of Newboden LLC offering a full range of genuine M.I. Hummel products including:  jewelry, figurines and giftware.

Newboden LLC

Newboden is the Authorized M.I. Hummel Distributor for ARS AG in North America.  Established in 2011, it was launched to strengthen the Hummel Brand in the US and Canada and to ensure continuance of Hummel products well into the future. Its twin resources, brand knowledge and financial confidence combine to create a new shining light that will enhance the ever-changing landscape. The new light shines as a beacon to an exciting and innovative future for the Hummel Brand.

The managing partners of Newboden, Mr. Ken LeFevre and Mr. Chuck Harley, are not new arrivals to the Hummel world. They are the architects to the successful Hummel marketing programs in North America reaching back 35-years. Their personal relationships with the Convent of Siessen and Goebel factory in Germany began in the early 1980’s. These two veterans understand the best years for the M.I Hummel Brand are still in front of us. They are thrilled to be back in the driver’s seat with the legacy of ARS AG behind them. Ken and Chuck remain to this day annual visitors to the Convent and the Hummel factories in Germany.

As, well, the entire Newboden Team is assembled from industry experts with hands on knowledge and insight of the Hummel brand and its treasured legacy. The team is committed to responsibly lead the business into the future.


ARS AG is the original M.I. Hummel Licensee signed by the Convent of Siessen in 1933. ARS (then named ARS Sacra) was a religious publishing company located in Munich. They first discovered Hummel artwork and began publishing postcards and religious mementos featuring Sister Hummel’s children. In 1935, it was a postcard printed by ARS that gave Franz Goebel the idea to make Hummel Figurines. ARS has been in the Hummel business continuously since 1933.

Kenneth G. LeFevre – Principal, Newboden LLC

Ken entered the world of Hummel in 1978, when he joined House of Global Art, one of three Hummel distributors in North America. Within three years he was Vice President of Marketing and Operations. In 1989, Ken assumed the leadership of the M.I. Hummel Club. In 1992 he was appointed President and CEO of Goebel North America, a position he held for the next 8-years, as the exclusive Hummel distributor in the US and Canada. In 2000, Ken left Goebel to facilitate the merger and consolidation of two giftware companies; Papel and Cast Art Industries. The challenge and experience led to the establishment Graham Group International, an operations and marketing consulting group focused on consumer-product clients. Graham continues to serve clients today.

Charles R. Harley – Principal, Newboden LLC

Chuck launched Goebel Miniatures Studios, in California in 1978 as a new venture for Goebel, the German Hummel Figurine factory. Within a year, Chuck introduced Robert Olszewski as Master Artist. Olszewski’s work was an overnight success and miniatures became a creative engine for clients such as Disney, Franklin Mint, Metropolitan Museum of Art. Chuck left Goebel in 1991 to establish Cameo Guild, Inc. to focus on licensing, and product development. In 1993 Cameo teamed up once again with Hummel launching a successful collaboration. The innovation was a new generation of storytelling displays for Hummel figurines called ‘Hummelscapes’. The ‘Hummelscape’ program revitalize the Hummel business for nearly a decade. Cameo continues today to serve clients in the gift industry.