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Good News for Hummel Collectors!

Posted by Claire LeFevre on

Hummel Manufaktur GmbH Germany takes over from Newboden LLC the exclusive sales activities in North America for original Hummel figurines.


To give their collector’s a louder voice in the digital age of on-line consumerism and social media, the American Hummel collector will soon have a “voice” at the factory. Hummel Manufaktur GmbH of Kulmbach, Germany, is expanding sales and customer support at the historic Hummel factory home in Rödental, Bavaria.

Hummel Manufaktur GmbH announced the acquisition of the exclusive North American sales activities and Hummel Club management formerly serviced by Newboden LLC. With this purchase, “We are dedicated to assure long life for Original Hummel figurines,” comments Mr. Foertsch, Managing Director of Hummel Manufaktur.

All existing business relationships with customers, in particular Hummel Club Members, will continue and customers will be able to access the full product range of Hummel figurines as usual.

For a transitional period until the end of April 2018, existing and new orders will be processed and operated in cooperation between Newboden and Hummel Manufaktur. As of May 2018, all sales and distribution activities for North America will be carried out in North America by Hummel Manufaktur.

The takeover of Newboden's business activities by Hummel Manufaktur will ensure that Hummel customers in North America will continue to have access to the newest and highest quality hand made products of Hummel Manufaktur in the future.

Mr. Foertsch, Managing Director of Hummel Manufaktur comments: “We are very delighted to have reached an agreement with Newboden and their Managing Partners Ken LeFevre and Charles Harley for the benefit of all Hummel customers in North America. It is our mutual goal and interest to lead Hummel back to its old strength. I am convinced that we are well on our way to do that!”

Mr LeFevre, Managing Director of Newboden adds, “We are convinced that with the transfer of sales activities to Hummel Manufaktur the Hummel brand will return to its high standing. We believe that in Bernd Foertsch and his team we have found a partner who has the same philosophy as us. He understands the Hummel world and the needs of its large customer and fan base in North America. This was very important to us personally. With the Foertsch team leadership, we are confident the best years for the M.I. Hummel Brand are still ahead!”

About Hummel Manufaktur GmbH

Hummel Manufaktur GmbH, Kulmbach, has acquired assets and inventory for the production of so-called Hummel figurines from the insolvent Hummel Manufaktur GmbH, Co¬burg.


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