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Color Shower - Painted with care

Posted by Eldon Harris on

Every figurine a masterpiece

The tablet colors to your right are true colors used by the artists at the workshop. There is a 6-step process to crafting a figurine from start to finish. Two of those steps include a painting process that is sometimes worked on by multiple hands with care.

When you surround yourself with Hummel Figurines, you also surround yourself with colors. Yellow for example is the color most comfortable on the eyes.  Have you ever walked into a yellow painted room and noticed it brighten your mood? Colors can also influence or reflect our emotions. The bright earth-tone colors at Hummel make each figurine feel warm and peaceful.

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Making Memories (healing our bodies and minds)

Club year 45 is here today!Thinking back, we’ve created many happy memories together. Think about the times when you open the old photo-graph album and browse pictures. Each one tends to cause us to smile and feel something warm inside. Taking the time to reflect on positive experiences and memories has a healing effect upon our minds. It can lead to combating depression and anxiety. It can change [...]

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Summer Nurturing

Is there something in your life that you are nurturing?We saw amazing acts of kindness among many people this past winter, Neighbors went out of their way to check on each others needs, Some invited friends back to church, and others bought each other groceries and other necessities when budgets were tight.Summer is the best time to nuture our [...]

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The March Winds - Digital Creation

The winds are changing! Hummel gifts wants to do something fun for you. Email us at the name of your favorite Hummel Figurine and we will choose randomly one to recreate as a digital masterpiece. It will be large enough to print and frame in your home if you like.This long winter will be over [...]

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News from Hummel in Rödental

Dear Hummel friends,News from Hummel in Rödental: In keeping with a beautiful tradition, I would like to report to you following the first hundred days since I “took office.” It‘s now been around a hundred days since I assumed control of the Hummel Manufaktur.My team has achieved quite a lot in the last few months. We [...]

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Dear Hummel Fans - A Letter From Germany

Dear Hummel Fans - Today, we bring you a letter from Germany. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our Membership Service team at 609-400-1647 and customer, dear Hummel fan, Today you finally get some news from Hummel: We are happy to announce that we purchased the company Hummel Manufaktur on Dec. 22, [...]

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Good News for Hummel Collectors!

Hummel Manufaktur GmbH Germany takes over from Newboden LLC the exclusive sales activities in North America for original Hummel figurines. GERMANY / BORDENTOWN, NEW JERSEY (PRWEB) FEBRUARY 19, 2018To give their collector’s a louder voice in the digital age of on-line consumerism and social media, the American Hummel collector will soon have a “voice” at [...]

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Gifts for Beer Lovers: Authentic German Beer Steins Under $200

There's no better time than the holidays for a toast to usher in the season, and no better way than with Hummel's authentic German beer steins. They showcase the finest European craftsmanship along with heartwarming M.I. Hummel motifs. Our genuine German beer steins are handmade with pride by our partner, King Werk - well-known German stein [...]

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Holiday Heirloom Gifts

M.I. Hummel figurines have been treasured by collectors since 1935.  Hummel figurines are inspired by the paintings of Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel and are hand-painted in Germany. It's common for us to meet multiple generations of fans at events, and these customers tell us that their Hummels are beloved family heirlooms. Since many fans have shared that Hummel figurines are a holiday [...]

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Holiday Gifts Under $200: Holiday Decor and Annual Angel Figurines

There are so many ways to decorate your home and delight the loved ones on your list with special Hummel gifts.  We have glittering glass ornaments handmade in Poland as well as cheerful, snowy winter figurines, porcelain tea sets, and comforting angels. These treasures were handcrafted in Europe and are under $200!     Heavenly Angel: $165    One of the earliest and [...]

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