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News from Hummel in Rödental

Posted by Hummel on

Dear Hummel friends,

News from Hummel in Rödental: In keeping with a beautiful tradition, I would like to report to you following the first hundred days since I “took office.” It‘s now been around a hundred days since I assumed control of the Hummel Manufaktur.

My team has achieved quite a lot in the last few months. We have carried out extensive clean-up work throughout the company. We have bought all the rights concerning Hummel, uniting them in our hands. We are working on many new figurines that you can truly look forward to. We have proudly created a brand new, informative, 68-page customer magazine, the “Hummel Post.” All this, so that you can again be happy about Hummel – about many new, fascinating figurines and good service.

Why am I telling you this? You need to know that we first had to solve important fundamental issues to get the Hummel Manufaktur back on a sound footing. To accomplish that we have needed these first hundred days. At the same time, we want you to know that you, the customers and collectors in North America, are just as important to us as our German customers. In the future you will be well-informed about Hummel figurines: This week you will receive the newly printed English Hummel Post. By September at the latest, we will have also established all the structures for the American market in such a way that there will be no further delays in the communication and deliveries of figurines.

Our airlift across the Atlantic by UPS is now available: The figurines you order will be delivered from Rödental directly to your home within 36 hours. With Bill Nelson, who has been associated with the Hummel Manufaktur for many years, I have been able to win a knowledgeable Hummel veteran. He will be a link helping us to work to your satisfaction on all your concerns and questions about the world of Hummel figurines.

My team and I are putting our hearts and souls into our work for the Hummel figurines, so that you as a collector will receive the best possible quality. And I ask you: Please give us your support! You’ve already known and loved Hummel figurines for a long time.

Thank you for your patience and your loyalty!

With warmest greetings from Rödental,

Bernd Förtsch
Hummel Manufaktur CEO